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I fell in love....
I fell in love with you when you shared your pudding with me.
I fell in love with you when you begged me to share my pudding with you.
I fell in love with you when you thanked me for a little favor on the playground.
I fell in love with you when you beat up that bully that picked on me and called it a little favor.
I fell in love with you when you asked me out on our first date on the first day of October.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I studdered when I asked you out on our first date.
I fell in love with you when you took me to The Pizza Parlor instead of some fancy resturant.
I fell in love with you when you didn't care that I took you to The Pizza Parlor instead of that fancy resturant I forgot to reservations to.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I started to cry when I said yes to your proposal.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I started to cry when you said yes to my proposal.
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 30 33
-untitled for the moment-
The day was somewhat normal except that it was Friday the 13th and the fact it would change six people’s lives forever.
The girl doodled as her teacher lectured about things she already knew. She looked out the window to see the trees wave in the bitter wind, their leaves bold shades of red, orange, and yellow. She glanced at the clock hoping that an hour had past in a second. No such luck. Yes, this was the life of Emilia Bard. Emilia, who goes by Emi, looked down at her work and frowned, ”Ugh, no! That’s not right!” She began erasing furiously at the made up creature she was making.
                “Now if I just-”
“Miss Bard, what would I do for example number two? Hmm? ” Mr. Leons asked, apparently aware that she wasn’t listening or taking notes.
She quick glanced at the projected problem on the whiteboard which read; If Point E is (2,4) and Point G is (-3, 6
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Jenna's Dream by Ryhmeswithorange Jenna's Dream :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 0 1 ILY more than IL cake-TFTPV- by Ryhmeswithorange ILY more than IL cake-TFTPV- :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 0 8 Death -for MU's contest- by Ryhmeswithorange Death -for MU's contest- :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 2 8 William Squizzle-PS- by Ryhmeswithorange William Squizzle-PS- :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 0 5
Life-long Riddle
It can fly.
It can crawl.
But it cannot walk.
Sometimes you can buy it.
Sometimes you make it.
But you can't stop it.
You can be upon it.
But that might be considered cliche.
You can wish for it.
But anything can wished for.
It's old.
It's new.
It can change.
It can stay the same.
No one knows were it came from,
But then again,
No one's ever cared.
We have lived,
We are living,
We will live,
With it.
The answer to all of the above is
But do we really know what it is?
sixty seconds make a minute,
sixty minutes make an hour,
twenty-four hours make a day,
seven days make a week,
fifty-two weeks make a year,
ten years make a decade,
ten decades make a century,
and ten centuries make a millennium.
But what is time?
Can you figure out the life-long riddle?
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To my love
To my love,
I just want you to know that,
I love you,
and I will always be there for you.
I want what's best for you.
I will be there to congratulate when you strive.
I will be there to comfort when you fall.
And I will be there for any other time in between.
I just want you to know that,
I love you,
and I will always be there for you.
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 1 9
Roses are red...-TLG- by Ryhmeswithorange Roses are red...-TLG- :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 1 8
Bridget Gibbs Entry
Bridget Gibbs poked her egg and watched as the yellow yolk oozed out of it. She didn't dare eat, she was afraid Merl would toss it like last time, or worse.
Sarah, her mother, watched her daughter prod at her breakfast. She walked to the table,"Aren't you hungry? I made your favorite."
Bridget didn't respond.
She started to shake, silverware clashed to the floor. She stopped and patted her pockets. 'Bridget' looked to Sarah,"Hey Toots, got any smokes?"
This wasn't Bridget's voice, it was older, it had a Jersey or York accent, it was a man's.
"Honey, grab the note pad,"Sarah called to her husband,"I think this is a new one."
Ryan ran in the kitchen with the notepad, he observed 'Bridget's posture; she was slouched in her chair a bit and arms folded with a sly smile 'her' face.
"What's your name?" Sarah began.
"Darrell, but you can call me anything you'd like Darlin'."
"Where are you from?"
"NYC, Big Apple, center of the universe."
"Do you have a job?"
"Sure. Best damn reporte
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 2 9
I'm running.
I always run.
I look behind me and there he is, the silhouette of a crazed man. I have no idea who he is or what he wants, but I'm only human.
So I run.
I have no idea where I am, it is only a white abyss of nothing.
He's catching up and my heart pounds.
He's going to get me.
All of the sudden my feet stop, but my body doesn't so my face smashes onto the white ground. I lift my head and see a puddle of black contrasting with the white nothing. Another drop of it lands in the puddle, it's coming from my nose.
Is it blood?
It smells

I look up and he's there with a syringe, staring down at me with his beady eyes, the right eye green and the other milky blue. He flips me so I am on my back. I start to cry but my tears are ink. The man reveals his yellowing teeth as he grins. He brings his right arm back a bit, for it holds the syringe. Then with one singular thrust, he plunges it in my heart.
I jump, now sitting up in my queen bed with duck sh
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The Story Of Kay Wilson- Intro
Every one thousand years....
                                          .....a Creator is born
A Creator is just as it sounds.
It creates.
Whether they're an artist, a writer, a play write, it doesn't matter.
As long as they create their creations will be sent to a mystical place, often referred to "The Clipboard."
"The Clipboard" is made of places the Creator has created and filled with the Creator's creations.
"The Clipboard" cannot be found by any mere mortal, not even the Creator his or her self, but only by a creature of the paranormal.
Once The Clipboard is found by said being of abnormality....
Anything can happen.
For two hundred forty-three thousand years Creators and Clipboards have avoided such tragedy.
All until now.
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Waking up in Vegas-Final
"What's the matter Jonesy?"
Coraline dropped the blanket and stormed over to him. She would grabbed him by his shirt if he was wearing one, so his ear would have to do.
"What's the matter?! What's the matter?! THE MATTER IS I'M NOT JONESY ANYMORE!!" She threw her left hand in his face,"I'M NOW LOVATY!!"
His eyes grew wide,"It can't be legal!"
Coraline looked around and saw a piece of paper labled 'Marrige Certificate.' She picked it pick and put it in his face,"Well apparently it is!" She let go of his ear as he took the paper,"Holy shit, I'm Coraline Lovat." She sat down on the bed and began muttering to herself,"No way, no way in HELL!"
Wybie began laughing.
She shot up and glared at him,"What's so funny, Giggles!?"
He looked up from the paper,"We're not married."
"How do you know?"
"One- this handwriting is not legible and two- according to this your name is," He squinted," 'Caroline Waterwitch Jonesy' and mine is Whywereyouborn Creeper Lova'.
Coraline stop
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 4 21
Who Framed Wybie Rabbit?-Intro
"What about this one?"
Coraline walked over to her friend and looked over the movie he was holding,'James and the Giant Peach.' She took it from him looked at it.
"Eww, it's stop motion," she flipped it over,"And directed by Henry Selick, yuck." She put it back of the shelf. She looked around some more and picked up another DVD and flipped it over,"Listen to this: Rated PG-13 for mild language and sexual ineundos."
"What's an ineundo?" Wybie asked.
"I dunno," she put it back and spotted something,"How 'bout this one?"
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
"Look it's produced by Steven Spielberg! And it won 4 Academy Award! Come on, it's gotta be good!" Coraline put on her puppy dog face.
"All I said was th name jeez. Let's go!"
The two ran to Charlie Jones.
We now direct ourselves to the side walk were a man in nice black pants, a black jacket and tie appears.
"Now only if they knew that just rented a movie from...The Twilight Zo-"
"HEY!" A girl in a blue t-shirt and jeans began chasing the man w
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 4 11
RANDOM MEME D: by Ryhmeswithorange RANDOM MEME D: :iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 0 4
Invisible 2.0
She had always loved to laugh and talk, but now it's just become unbearable.
She became distant, isolated, depressed. Then she went mute.
I miss the sound of her voice, the sight of her smile.
I miss...her.
It breaks my heart to see her like this, well, because, I love her.
Mondays were death to the population of the world. The clock blinked 5:00.
The blond teenage boy smacked  the terrible machine that produced the horrid noise. It fell to the ground, he didn't care.
"Monday, Greaaaat." he said aloud, sarcastically.
He did his morning routine. Teeth, hair, clothes, breakfast, shoes, door, bus.
The bus was noisy (as usual), but it could have been noisier.
He saw her.
Same as always; black hoodie covering her long red hair and jeans.
The whole way there he just sat there, trying to catch her eye.
The bus stopped and kids started filing out. Once in the school they went they're separate ways.
No, he thought, this has to stop.
He ran in
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United States
I'm Emily A.K.A Emmers, EKG, or Doorhinge! ;P
I'm obsessive fanatic who thinks up fanfics in her spare time! C: I write fanfics, some good some not, but I'm learning. I also draw, but none of my drawing are on dA because my scanner is broken.
So, yeah.
Got any Qs, ask!
I am a member of:
:iconrepo-army: :iconmarzipan-harbor-club: :iconthe-literati: :iconcoralinexwybie: :iconmiyazaki-movie-fans: :icontheframclub: :iconcoralinefc:

Current Residence: A magical land where the ponies and unicorns roam free and nobody dies.
Favourite genre of music: Musical, rock, pop, dance, techno
MP3 player of choice: My sister's pink iPod
Shell of choice: Ohm
Personal Quote: I know life isn't a fairy tale, I just have a hard time accepting it.
I haven't been on in a year, and it makes me want to cry.
Everything is so different!
I sincerly miss you ALL! Really. I had to recover my password, and I almost cried.
I want to start over, a fresh new start. With a new account. :)
When it is up I will post a comment on this journal for anyone who wants to see it.

I'm sorry.

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